Frequent Answers and Questions

Here some of the questions that our customers usually ask. Important reading!

Yes. With ROMANCE you can find the best options, and you will benefit from discounts on the services that we make directly! Do not forget that ROMANCE is the company number one in Marbella and La Costa del Sol.

Yes. Our team will design your wedding from the initial point or from where you are, just make sure that we have available that day, this is very important for us, to offer quality doing a limited number of events per day.

We offer different ways to work together and depending on your needs and the point at which you are we will design a work plan useful and functional, remember that we offer a complete list of options, services and we have different departments to design some part or your whole wedding.

ROMANCE belongs to the business group Soul Events Group S.L. leader in the organization, design and event production, with us you will sign a contract including contracted services, it is important to remark that we are not a web page, an individual person without physical office (and without legal tax payments) or without possibilities to have a staff of professionals, our company has staff throughout the year to meet your needs.

Because we will save the time to visit many venues with our search venue service, liaise with many suppliers and save money because we look for the best option for your budget. Our proposals are clear and functional.

For us there are some important points to keep in mind, more important that if you like the person who treats or you like the design of your website. We must be clear that the day of your wedding will be unique and unrepeatable and both the company you choose, as different providers involved must meet certain basic requirements for your wedding…NO is possible to have a take 2!… need to do everything right the first time!

  1. You should know the legal status of the company you want to hire…forget the advertising.
  2. You should ask how many weddings or events have made … and try to see that they are real! (You can ask to see photos or specific details of the celebrations)
  3. Do not guide by the pretty pictures…many companies buy their photos on the internet or they receipt the pics from photographers without them being the authors of that event or without any involvement in it.
  4. How many weddings they make in one day. There are very specific dates on La Costa del Sol that we are forced to say no to many weddings to respect the couples and their families who had previously trusted us.
  5. You should make sure that this company have an actual physical store or office…remember we’re talking about your wedding.
  6. What would happen if the person you have entrusted to approach your wedding can not serve you or can not be with you that day (illness, leaves the company, etc.).
  7. It can provide references from real customers.

Yeeeessss!!! We love weddings at the beach or seaside!

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